At an extra board meeting on Wednesday, July 8, we have decided that this year’s annual meeting will have to be a digital meeting as it is still uncertain if we can meet without risk of virus spread on August 15.


The arrangements will be as follows:
Here on the website all annual meeting documents will be posted on a new password protected page.
There will also be instructions on how to connect to the meeting.

A testmeeting to test Zoom will be held on August 12 in the evening 20:00.

The Annual Meeting will be held at Zoom on sunday August 15, 10:00,
admission to the meeting will start at 9:30.

Anyone who wants help getting started with Zoom can contact the webmaster at


Unfortunately this is going to be a bit of a lost year regarding car meetings but the main
thing is that we stay 
healthy and do not spread the Corona virus to the members of
our the club belonging to risk groups.


Moreover, it is not certain that it is possible for all our foreign members to
come to Sweden due to different quarantine requirements in different countries.


VROM in august is cancelled

The next Tjolöholm Classic is on the 23 of May 2021.

We would like to know who can come and exhibit their car at the club stand,
and would be
 very happy to receive notifications already now !

Send an email to